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Work: Independence Play

July 26, 2008

Forgive the awful pun, please.

I’ve fallen in love with indie games this year. Much of my life has been spent playing PC games – from Colossal Cave at my Dad’s office on weekends to the daily Quake 3 sessions when I worked at Next Media a few years ago. But when I left the editor’s chair of PC PowerPlay in 2005, I took something of a break from the PC and console gaming stepped in. Of course, I’d always played console games too, but for the first time they were now dominating my gaming hours.

My discovery of the “indie scene” has changed that this year. Today I’m more likely to fire up Audiosurf or Aquaria than switch on my Xbox 360. So I decided to write about the new wave of independent developers for PC PowerPlay. It’s in the new issue (on sale now!) and after the jump is a sample where I speak with Audiosurf creator Dylan Fitterer: