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Work: Mass Effect

July 26, 2008

My review of the PC version of Mass Effect is published in the latest PC PowerPlay. (Just a little late, I know.) I loved it on Xbox 360 last year, considering it 3rd behind Portal and BioShock on my personal “Best of 2007” list, and the PC version compares favourably thanks to some neat interface tweaks.

As usual, here’s an excerpt:

“Charting Bioware’s approach to RPG design results in something of a linear progression. While each new Bioware new title demonstrates an almost unwavering commitment to dramatic story-telling, expansive game worlds and player choice through dialogue and character advancement, equally there’s a clear determination to showcase combat in an increasingly immediate and immersive fashion. Mass Effect quite clearly continues this evolution.”

For me, Mass Effect is BioWare’s best game. Respect is probably the word I’d use to describe my feelings towards their previous titles. I always felt Baldur’s Gate, Knight of the Old Republic, etc were impressive games, but I could never find myself loving them in the same way I fell for their Black Isle and Obsidian contemporaries. Freed from the shackles of someone else’s IP, BioWare has taken the opportunity to shine. Mass Effect is seriously good.