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Conversations: Emil Pagliarulo on Fallout 3

July 31, 2008

When I was over at Bethesda a couple of months back I had the chance to sit down with Emil Pagliarulo, lead designer on Fallout 3. Some of that interview appeared in the latest issue of OXM (with Fallout 3 on the cover), but he said plenty of interesting stuff that I simply didn’t have the space to use. So here it is, finally! Full interview after the jump…


Work: Fallout 3

July 26, 2008

Two articles I wrote from a trip to Bethesda a couple of months back have just recently appeared in print. One is the cover story of the current issue of the Australian Official Xbox Magazine, the other is a short preview in PC PowerPlay.

I’ll quote a couple of extracts below in the hope of encouraging you to pick up both magazines.

From OXM:

“Conversation is presented akin to RPGs like Knights of the Old Republic. You choose from several lines, with the dialogue branching as you choose certain options. Sometimes your skills will influence these options: you may see [Speech] appear next to one option, meaning your Speech skill was high enough to enable you to persuade or charm or threaten convincingly. If you’re a male character, you may have chosen the Lady Killer perk (a perk is like a feat in D&D, an extra ability you can select when you reach a certain level) that allows you to sweet talk the ladies – as well as deal more damage to female enemies. The end result is that there’s a pleasingly wide variety of ways to interact, depending on how you’ve crafted your character stats.”

From PCPP:

“Fallout 3 reminds me of a lot of games I like. Perhaps as a result of my penchant for rolling stealth characters in every RPG, I got a distinct Thief vibe when skulking in the shadows, monitoring enemy movements from a position of (relative) safety before lunging for the knockout blow – usually a sniper shot to the head (attacks when undetected give you a critical strike and deal triple damage).”

And shortly I’ll finally get around to posting the unpublished remainder of the interview I conducted with Emil Pagliarulo (some of which appears in OXM). Fingers crossed!

Work: The Bourne Conspiracy and Alone in the Dark

June 30, 2008

Two reviews of mine have been published in print this week. I played The Bourne Conspiracy for the Official PlayStation Magazine and Alone in the Dark for the Official Xbox Magazine. (Go buy them now! The magazines, that is, not necessarily the games.) After the jump is an excerpt from each review along with some additional commentary.


Keeping Faith in Fallout: What happens when our favourite games change hands

June 28, 2008

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Bethesda and play Fallout 3. I’ll shortly be posting extracts from an interview I did with lead designer Emil Pagliarulo, and you can read my hands-on impressions of the game in an upcoming issue of the Official Xbox Magazine. But for now I want to discuss what happens when one major developer inherits a classic series from another major developer.

I’ve been thinking about change recently, and how gamers tend to be somewhat frightened by it. We want to be dazzled by new technology and we say we want innovation and originality, but it seems what gets us most excited is something familiar given a new lick of paint. So, on the one hand, Fallout 3 should be exactly what gamers want – an old idea updated with cool new graphics; on the other hand, it’s kinda scary. How do we know Bethesda isn’t going to ruin an old favourite?